Picking our baby’s name


When I fell pregnant, I thought the hardest part [like most new moms do] would be giving birth. Why do people focus on that so much? It is one day [4, if you’re unlucky like me] out of a full 9 months of pregnancy [back ache, morning sickness, sciatica and numerous toilet trips] and sleepless nights that follow. That intense, yes … but brief labour pain ends with the most euphoric feeling I have ever felt … holding your baby for the first time. Actually, I felt that picking a name was the hardest part about preparing for a baby. That name, they will carry with them for their entire life [providing they’re a semi-normal person and don’t get it changed]. It could shape their personality and the way they’re viewed. No pressure then.

I realise this post is completely personal and subject to preference [I’m not at all offended when people dislike the name we chose for our baby … I am however, sometimes surprised with how blatant people are in giving me their opinion]. I have purposefully decided against slating names that I find distasteful or grating.

We chose the name Wilfred for a few reasons; we are big fans of traditional names [Sarah and Richard aren’t exactly ground-breaking or ‘out there’, so maybe our own names shaped that decision]. I wanted a name that could be abbreviated so our child [having never met him at that point and not knowing what he might grow up to be] could choose a version of his name that he liked … options being Will, Wilf, Fred, Freddie, Ted, Teddy. We also wanted a name that would grow with him as he aged … so Wilfy is our current preference but when he’s an old man he’ll probably prefer Wilfred. Wilfred was also my Grandad’s middle name, so it carries some family history. It’s quite unusual name [you don’t hear it much amongst young children]. I didn’t want him to be the fourth Wilfred in his class [I spent most of my school life as ‘Sarah B’, to differentiate from the other Sarah’s in my class]. Although quite unique [for babies in 2014], it’s a well known name and not too unusual … no questions over spelling etc.

His full name is Wilfred John Barney Marston … I have two middles names [Jennifer Lane], so we’re continuing that tradition. My ‘Lane’ is my Mother’s maiden name, just as the ‘Barney’ in Wilfred’s name is mine. The John is a family name on both sides.

We are super happy with our choice but it was a long road. We toyed with hundreds of ideas including Benedict, Theodore and Sydney … for girls we liked Ava, Mabel and Madeleine. But once we knew he was a boy and landed on Wilfred, we stopped searching. When you know it … you know it. It just felt right for us.

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2 thoughts on “Picking our baby’s name

  1. I love the name Wilfred. I found coming up with a few names I loved quite easy but the problem was getting my husband to agree to any of them! It’s not that we have different tastes, he just doesn’t like many names at all! We really struggled, especially with boys names. Your picks for girl’s names were all in my top 5 too! X


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