My Mummy favourites

Rather than a post about things that work well for Wilfred [I may well do one in the future], this is a post about things that worked well for me. I am now 7 months into this parenting business and feeling like I have it sussed [amazing how fast you learn], but in the beginning … I was a novice [like all new Mums] and some products really worked well for me when I needed them to most.

Lansinoh Ultra Thin Nursing Pads

When I was breastfeeding [particularly when my milk ‘came in’] I struggled to find a nursing pad worked for me. I wasted a lot of money on supermarket own brands … they just don’t cut the mustard. Eventually, I found Lansinoh pads in Sainsbury’s and bought 3 boxes [on offer] … I breastfed exclusively for 3 months, and supplemented for another month or two beyond that and I still have a full box left! They are amazing! Much more absorbent that other brands and most importantly, they stay put. Even during the night [honestly, there are nights when I’d wake up sodden before I found these] they kept me dry. Happy days.

Philips Avent Electric Breast Pump

Even though I was happy nursing, I knew I wanted a pump so that Wilfred could get used to a bottle from the get-go [I wouldn’t want to breastfeed forever, or in public and Richard could feed him too]. The first one I bought was a manual Boots pump – it worked brilliantly, for all of a few days then lost it’s suction entirely [a common problem with manual pumps]. I invested in an electric pump [they are not cheap!], it was Tommee Tippee and I hated it, the suction was too low to be effective and it was super-noisy. I returned it to the store [against their policy, as I had used it] in such a state that the woman immediately swapped it for a pump of my choice [don’t mess with a hormonal new mom!]. I picked an Avent pump which has worked perfectly from day one to the last day I used it. It is easy to take apart and wash [it’s even dishwasher-friendly] and re-assemble. I have stored it very neatly back in it’s box for next time.

Tena Ladies

Apologies in advance if this is TMI for some people, but new mothers experience some bleeding for a while after giving birth. It’s a fact of life. For me, even though Tena Ladies pads are for incontinence [don’t rule that out either!], they worked perfectly post-partum. I bought them initially before my due date as I was [obsessively] worried about my waters breaking in public. I wore them religiously for 2 weeks and when my waters did go [spectacularly, in a Hollywood-style gush] I was thrilled to find the pad had caught every drop. When I took my full pad to the hospital [they check to make sure your waters have definitely gone … although there was no mistaking what I’d felt for an accidental wee!] even the midwife commented on how good the pad was.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume [shampoo and conditioner]

My post-partum hair was pretty limp and lifeless [although this didn’t really bother me as I had a new baby to attend to and it was in a bun most of the time]. When I did get back around to looking after me … this shampoo and conditioner combo was the only one I was happy with. Hello root-lifting, thickening wonder serum!

Essie and Sally Hansen Nail Polishes

Again, it took a while – but when I was ready to play ‘well presented mama’, I wanted nail polish that was fool proof and quick to apply. Both Sally Hansen and Essie Polishes have a shaped brush that fits perfectly into your nail bed, as well as good colour pay-off/smooth formula. I can be done and dusted with these polishes in a matter of minutes! As a side note, Sally Hansen do a 60 second quick dry polish that is a must have! They are touch-dry instantly [useful for unforeseen nappy emergencies].

Quinny Buzz

My pram of choice from the beginning, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a Quinny! I initially wanted the Moodd [their most recent design] but ‘settled’ for the Buzz as a compromise with Richard who couldn’t understand the extra expense. I’m glad we got the Buzz for a number of reasons; it is easy to operate [any pram will take time to get used to, but even in the rain with a screaming baby, I can handle the Buzz pretty efficiently from car to shops]. I chose a bright tomato red, assuming me have more children in the future, it’s pretty unisex and stands out in a crowd [just what you need in a busy mother and baby group]. The three-wheels make steering a dream, I can do a 360 with one hand! Wilfred loves it, from flat to fully upright, he is content in any position.

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