My flexible stay-at-home-mum routine

A typical day for us involves waking around 7am, if we’re lucky, we get half an hour together as a family [we usually spend it cuddling/playing in bed] before Richard gets ready for work. I get ready [at Mom speed, i.e. super fast] whilst trying to occupy Wilfred, then I get him dressed. We’re typically downstairs before 8:00 and having breakfast [Wilfred’s really enjoying solid food, but it can get a bit messy … how I long for wooden floors!].

After breakfast [when Richard’s at work] I attack the house; laundry [every single day … baby stuff is never ending], general clear up downstairs, hoovering, cleaning the kitchen [thank God for our dishwasher] and bathroom, making beds and tidying upstairs. Worth noting that my entire day is interlaced with nappy changes and entire outfit changes/bath times if I’m really lucky and he throws up. #momproblems

After ‘helping’ me tidy up, I give Wilf a bottle and he takes a nap. These days it’s not very long, half an hour or so.

We have ‘activity time’ before lunch, this can be a play together, a walk in his pushchair, running errands [hugely exciting for a 7 month old baby]. Something that we can do together [I am totally one of those moms who talks to her baby all the way round the supermarket].

I always have lunch at our dining room table with Wilf in his highchair so we can eat together. We’re currently experimenting with finger food, which is lots of fun for Wilfred but it can take a while to get lunch finished.

I try to get out of the house every day [or have visitors], so if we didn’t take a walk earlier, I use this time to visit people, take a walk or have other mummies/babies here for play dates. Otherwise we do something at home, like bake a cake or prep dinner [with Wilfred watching from his walker].

Afternoons are my favourite, after his bottle and nap [usually an hour], we have play time and cuddles. Sometimes I’ll put a Disney film on in the background … I get a selection of toys and we sit on the floor together and play. I love watching him figuring things out. Wilfred also loves the garden, so we often walk around it and have a talk, or I sit him on the lawn on a blanket and take a coffee out for myself.

Rich normally gets home before 6pm, so we feed Wilfred dinner together and they have father/son playtime. Watching Wilfred’s face when his dad walks in from work is the best thing ever, he loves him so much and gets super excited. Cute!

Wilfred goes upstairs for ‘wind down’ at 7ish, he’ll have a bath get in pyjamas, then we all sit on our bed, read a story and give him a bottle before he goes to sleep in his own room.

By half 7, we usually eat our tea at the dining room table and commence ‘adult time’ [like, adult conversation and chores, not x-rated lol]. Try as I might to stay up and enjoy the fact that Wilf now sleeps through the night without any interruptions, we’re usually in bed by half ten. Hardcore!

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