Planning a Winter Wedding

We are tying the knot on the 5th December 2014, a mere two months away! As you’d expect, plans are in full swing and our excitement is growing. This year has mostly been about becoming parents, so having something about us [as a couple] to focus on has been a bit of a treat. We are spending our wedding night in a hotel and it will be our first night away from baby Wilf. Our ‘theme’ if we have one is sort of Rustic Glamour. Tweed meets sparkle. I wont give too much away here re: detail [stay tuned for lots of photos from the big day] but as an overview, I’m sharing some mood boards [sourced via Pinterest, of course].

What we’re wearing:


My dress is full on ‘blush’ [champagne-meets-pale pink], sequined and very ‘me’. It cost a mere £220 [my budget was more, but my heart said ‘yes to the dress’ so I snapped it up]. I have a veil and tiara [when else is this acceptable in life?!] and the most perfect ‘Glinda’ shoes [if you haven’t seen Wicked, never mind]. Me and my bridesmaid [my Sister] have feather boleros … I hear December can get chilly. Her dress is a muted mauve, floor-length and floaty. I’m planning on wrist corsages rather than bouquets as we’ll be having a sit-down-meal after a registry office ceremony … with only 25 guests, there’s not much point in throwing my bouquet [most of them are married already]. Richard’s tweed jacket and waistcoat have been waiting patiently for the big day for a few months now. He knew right away what he wanted to wear.

The décor:


We are hiring a private dining room in a well known city centre Restaurant. One big oval table [a perk of having an intimate guest list], lavender and cream flowers [not yet bought], wedding crackers, a homemade wedding cake and lots and lots of food! Lavender is a side-theme [I’m doing button holes in this colour for Richard and our dads as well as wrist corsages for me, my sister and our Mums]. I’m contemplating a few sparkles on the table and I have a few surprises planned that I wont give away just yet.

Our guests:


Now, I obviously have no say over what our guests wear on the day [nor would I want to] but inspiration for any of you attending a winter wedding, or winter event in general. I personally think it’s such a nice time of year to dress up for. Coats for outside and strappy dresses for the warm restaurant and hot food [alcohol is useful in warming cockles too]. That being said, we will be entertaining 3 pregnant ladies on the day so I hope they find something comfortable to wear!

Ok, sneak peek into my mind complete. Not long until the big day.




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