Working from home with a baby in tow

oct 2014 159

First of all, hats off to anyone who does this full time [or even a consistent part time]! I have no idea how you do it. Maybe when Wilfred grows up, things will get easier – but for now, with an 8 month old in tow … I struggle to do much that’s productive [paid]. However, I do earn a little extra income [pocket money really] from working online. Sometimes, I have to wait until Wilfred’s asleep, sometimes I utilise his naps and sometimes [by a miracle of God], he plays quietly while I write something. Here’s a realistic view of what it’s like to earn money at home while you’re a full time mother.

I have a solid background in recruitment [4 years] and sales [retail and business development]. I studied fashion and Clothing at University and have a good understanding of written language along with strong communication skills. Lesson one: sell yourself. I know it all sounds a little big headed, but trust me – in the world of online work, you need to be competitive and you need to know your strengths and feel comfortable selling yourself. People Per is a great website to buy or sell skills. Man 1 has a car he wants to sell but cant word it properly, Man 2 has great written skills but no money – they get together, Man 1 pays Man 2 to write the car advert. Man 2 makes a bit of money and hopes that Man 1 will use him in the future when he needs anything written up. Simples. You set up a profile for yourself listing your skills and over time, people rate your work and you become higher ranking, therefore, more trusted by new clients. Hopefully, you build relationships and gain repeat contracts. Down side; PPH take a cut of your earnings. Plus side; you can take and drop work as you want.

Mostly, I write [or re-write] people’s CVs and covering letters, update/re-write LinkedIn profiles, do guest blog posts [hence the lack of time I spend on my own blog!], write articles for small companies or copy write for online shops [details of products]. I average £15 for an hour of work [when I can get it]. The problem with PPH is that it’s so popular now, that you literally have to fight off 50 other people to win a job. It’s tough. Like I said, you need to blow your own trumpet a bit … and then deliver! Which is tricky with a baby hanging off your leg / throwing up / screaming.

More recently, I have listed a few bits on eBay … I’m sure everyone knows how it works. Just small stuff [preferably that can fit into an envelope] that I have lying around … I really need to de-clutter! Anything’s a help at the moment. Down side; I have to walk to the post office to send stuff, even if it’s raining. Plus side; I have to walk to the post office, and I could really do with the exercise.

I am determined to stay at home with my baby but could really do with a few extra hours [baby-free] in the day to be productive. Most of my day is still taken up playing peek-a-boo and having food spat back in my face. Which is just where I want to be.

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