Cut yourself some slack

A few months ago, we had friends over for dinner, the girl (let’s call her Hannah) … has a reasonable career and children are not yet on her radar. Whilst discussing Wilfred and me choosing to be a full time mom she asked “so what do you do all day? I bet you’re bored!”.

Err, not really. Between being a carer, chef, entertainer, chauffeur, personal shopper, cleaner and playmate, I don’t have much time to feel bored. What little time I do have spare is better spent getting myself ready, doing the weekly shop or arranging play dates.

This is such a common scenario – women who work think that you (the full time mum) sit at home all day with your feet up watching chick flicks. And that’s okay. However much hard work you do that goes unnoticed … You get to be a mum. 

And that’s the biggest reward of all. S.



Recipe: Banana Pancakes 

This recipe is my all time favourite recipe for littles. It’s very soft to eat and no mess (always a bonus!) as well as nutritious and super easy to prepare. 

Banana pancakes, suitable (and enjoyable) from 7months to 100 years!! 


One large egg. One medium banana. And a teaspoon of oil (I like to use coconut oil, but any kind works fine to stop the pancakes from sticking). 

No, I’m not joking. That is the entire list!!!


This recipe makes about 3 good sized pancakes. Mash the banana into a soft pulp, add the egg and whisk with a fork until smooth. Heat the oil and then drop a ladle of mixture into the pan. Cook until golden, turning once to cook both sides. 


Let it cool before serving to children. I break it up into manageable bites for Wilf and then dump it on his highchair tray. It is the only food in the world he doesn’t play with! He simply tucks in and eats the lot. 

Happy baby. Happy me.

Enjoy! S. 


Get me out of here

The best advice I can give you, whether you are about to become a mum for the first time or you’ve got toddlers running around your feet all day is to get out of the house

You might keep yourself busy (goodness knows the laundry alone could fill my day), but sooner or later you will suffer the effects of being cooped up with a baby who cannot yet hold a conversation. 

I see other mums online talk endlessly about how they don’t have ‘mum friends’, they feel alone and isolated. The problem is (this may sound harsh), no one is going to knock on your door and say ‘hey, do you fancy a play date?’. You have to put yourself out there!

For me, there was definitely a point where I developed cabin fever. Yes, those first weeks with a newborn, absolutely it was enough for me to sit and stare at him all day and revel in the fact that I had created a human. But when Richard came home from work, all I offered in way of conversation was “he smiled at me … I think. Maybe it was wind?”, “he threw up in my face” or “today I changed six dirty nappies”. Thrilling. 

I started attending the local children’s centre for baby groups and signed up to as many random classes as possible (some I quickly dropped, not everything will suit you but they’re all worth a look!). If nothing else, I take the pram out and we walk, we explore nature, talk to strangers (often other local mums out with their kids) and get some fresh air!

More recently, I joined which has introduced me to other local mums and allowed me to set up my own social events. I have met some genuinely lovely ladies and baby Wilf is enjoying regular contact with other babies. 

The first step is always the hardest. But the rewards of a support group are huge! S. 


I have a one year old!

Actually, I have a 14 month old. Wilfred’s Birthday came and went back in February and as usual, I’ve been so busy with being a mom that the blog has been somewhat neglected. I’m a big fan of trying to live in the ‘here and now’. I mean an entire year has flown past me in the blink of an eye …


Since Wilfred arrived, I have had my gallbladder removed (after countless trips to the doctor and finally A&E!). We got married in a beautiful, simple winter ceremony (we are planning the ‘reception’ party for June this year. Eek. Yes, I bought another dress). Richard started a new job and spent a week in Dubai which meant I was a solo parent for the first time. Wilfred has hit lots of important and adorable milestones as well as developing the most endearing personality and a gorgeous mop of hair. I have built some really lovely friendships with other moms and perfected my stay-at-home-mom routine. 

I have become a much more efficient version of my pre-baby self. Having a toddler hanging off your hip will do that for you. With that in mind, time to schedule some regular posts and put a bit of love into my blog! Let’s reconnect.