Recipe: Banana Pancakes 

This recipe is my all time favourite recipe for littles. It’s very soft to eat and no mess (always a bonus!) as well as nutritious and super easy to prepare. 

Banana pancakes, suitable (and enjoyable) from 7months to 100 years!! 


One large egg. One medium banana. And a teaspoon of oil (I like to use coconut oil, but any kind works fine to stop the pancakes from sticking). 

No, I’m not joking. That is the entire list!!!


This recipe makes about 3 good sized pancakes. Mash the banana into a soft pulp, add the egg and whisk with a fork until smooth. Heat the oil and then drop a ladle of mixture into the pan. Cook until golden, turning once to cook both sides. 


Let it cool before serving to children. I break it up into manageable bites for Wilf and then dump it on his highchair tray. It is the only food in the world he doesn’t play with! He simply tucks in and eats the lot. 

Happy baby. Happy me.

Enjoy! S. 



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