Cut yourself some slack

A few months ago, we had friends over for dinner, the girl (let’s call her Hannah) … has a reasonable career and children are not yet on her radar. Whilst discussing Wilfred and me choosing to be a full time mom she asked “so what do you do all day? I bet you’re bored!”.

Err, not really. Between being a carer, chef, entertainer, chauffeur, personal shopper, cleaner and playmate, I don’t have much time to feel bored. What little time I do have spare is better spent getting myself ready, doing the weekly shop or arranging play dates.

This is such a common scenario – women who work think that you (the full time mum) sit at home all day with your feet up watching chick flicks. And that’s okay. However much hard work you do that goes unnoticed … You get to be a mum. 

And that’s the biggest reward of all. S.



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