Call the babysitter!

Well, it finally happened. We’ve officially become Mum and Dad instead of primarily a couple. It was a slow transition, but surely, over time we have certainly transformed into practical and pragmatic parents rather than a flirty, carefree couple. 

The humdrum definitely gets in the way of spontaneity these days. Partly because the humdrum is far more exciting and rewarding since little Wilf came along, and we’re happy to let life play out with him. But also because we’ve forgotten to be just ‘us’. Not us the family, not us the individuals. But us, the husband and wife!

For hubby’s Birthday, we took the opportunity to go out, just the two of us and employed Wilf’s granny to babysit (hiring a stranger still seems a stretch too far for us!). 

We went for an Indian and some really, properly grown up drinks. I applied lipstick for the first time in a long time! We laughed. Really laughed. We really listened to each other (without interruption) and we talked about mundane everyday life things (not the baby). The things that we normally forget to converse about because we’re busy cooking tea, changing nappies and watching telly. 

We had a thoroughly enjoyable time together. And do you know what, it turns out I quite like this human who I happen to be married to. He is a good man, not just a great Dad. Sometimes it’s important I remember that. And treat myself to time alone with him. S.