Cleaning routine – SAHM

If you live in an old house – you may sympathise with me here. Old houses (that need a good amount of work and money thrown at them) are not the easiest to keep looking clean! Whilst I adore the character in our home (wood panelled hallway, beautiful original doors and handles etc.), part of me longs for laminate flooring and pvc doors which could be bleached and wiped clean. Sigh. 

My cleaning routine is never ending … tidying up after a toddler aside, just keeping the dust at bay is a struggle. Making it LOOK and SMELL clean are a real feat. I may go into more detail about how I clean specific areas (the wood panelling, cast iron fireplace etc.) another day. 

This is the daily/weekly to do list (I have an app (Tody) which makes for an easy tick-list and keeps me motivated):


  • Make beds (in the morning and after naps!)
  • Remove ‘debris’ from bedrooms (beakers/cups from nighttime drinks, dirty nappies, toys that end up in the wrong place etc.)
  • Straighten bathroom (once Wilf’s brushed his teeth and Richard’s showered for work it’s as though a football team have gotten changed in there!)
  • Quick-clean bathroom (Flash-with-Bleach spray is my best friend for the mirror, sink, toilet and shower)
  • Take laundry downstairs to be sorted
  • Load/empty dishwasher (I usually run it overnight, so start my day by putting the clean stuff away)
  • Clean the sink and worksurfaces in kitchen (countless times a day)
  • Spot clean the kitchen floor
  • Vacuum toddler crumbs from the carpet (I’d like to say this is once a day but the reality is, it’s often more. Mucky pup!)
  • Clean sticky fingerprints, spills and marks from windows, windowsills, panelling in hallway, mirrors, doors and furniture (Mr Sheen all purpose furniture polish is my go-to. ‘Spring clean’ is a super fresh scent which lasts a while)
  • Laundry (either running a load or putting away the clean stuff)

Weekly (I don’t have a ‘cleaning day’, I just try to fit one or two of these into my daily routine and eventually, we come full-circle):

  • Clean the windows (inside) as there are always small fingerprints!
  • Clean kitchen appliances, cupboards etc. 
  • Clean bathroom throroughly, floor and tiles. De-clutter and organise. Change towels and bath mat
  • Dust. Ceilings, fixtures, electronics, skirting boards, dining table, mirrors … You name it
  • Vacuum the stairs and upstairs
  • Shake and vac the living room and hallway (which get the most foot-traffic)
  • De-clutter and clean the porch
  • Vacuum the sofa / armchairs and spot clean
  • Change bedding in all rooms
  • De-clutter / organise Wilfred’s toys
  • Tidy our wardrobes/my make-up area and clean

There are also monthly jobs that get tackled in more detail throughout the year but this is the general ‘stay on top of things’ plan of action. 

I’m thinking I will write a favourite cleaning products (and where / how I use them) post because I am totally scent-driven when it comes to cleanliness … It’s so much more rewarding to clean when you’re inhaling some beautiful smells!



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