No naps in this house!

Today, I am 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I’m sat with the monitor listening to my 2 year old shout and sing in his bed. He’s been up there for half an hour and showing no signs of settling down! This has been going on for a week now. He just doesn’t want to nap during the day. 

Usually I’d blog about this sort of thing once I’d found a solution. But in my very pregnant state, I am so desperate for a break during the day that I wondered if anyone had any tips? I’ve already moved his bedtime back slightly and started waking him up earlier (by half an hour either side) in a bid to make him more tired during the day, but no luck yet!!

He’s always been very good at settling down in his bed. But as we move into spring, I have notice his room is much lighter (considering black out blinds and a de-clutter as he has toys in his room … I wonder if they’re distracting him? Although he doesn’t get out of bed to play). 

When new baby arrives (any day now!) I imagine I’ll treasure a few toddler free hours after lunch (if I can get them back). Send help/ideas, please. 

S x 



I’m full term (tomorrow)!

Yeah … So tomorrow marks 37 weeks of pregnancy! It doesn’t feel real. I mean, I’m feeling VERY pregnant, but I just can’t imagine a new human joining our family. 

I have so many questions; How will he fit in with Wilfred? How will we cope with no sleep AND a toddler to entertain all day? Will they get along? What will he look like? Will I love him as much as I instantly loved Wilfred when I saw him?
Having had one baby, you’d think I’d know what to expect … But, honestly, I can’t even remember how many nappies a newborn goes through in a day!

So I feel like it’s the first time all over again. It’s just as exciting and daunting as it was preparing for my first labour and delivery (because, even though I know it will be worth it and that it will probably be easier/quicker this time round … Please, God, not another 80+ hour labour! I am still nervous. I’m still human). 

And after feeling like this pregnancy has dragged unbelievably (so much has happened in these 9 months), it is now all of a sudden upon us. Yes, technically we could be waiting another 3+ weeks … But he could arrive TOMORROW and the midwives wouldn’t bat an eyelid or try to postpone labour. 

Fingers and toes and everything else crossed, eh. I’m not sure I’m QUITE ready yet! 

S x



I have a two year old!

Wilfred turned 2 on the 11th February 2016. Two whole years have passed since I gave birth to my first baby, since I became a mother, since I fell in love with this brand new human being … Since my life changed forever, in the best possible way! 

We have had a week of visiting friends, soft play centres and today, a meal out with the ladies from our ‘pram walk’. It’s been lovely. He’s been spoilt left, right and centre! So I’m now having a big clear out of his old toys and sending a lot of it up to his bedroom! Not like we have a baby on the way to make space for … Oh, wait. 

He thoroughly enjoyed his Birthday cake, although was just as impressed with the ‘fire'(!) and has been singing Happy Birthday for anyone and everyone who’ll listen. 

S x


Pregnancy cravings – smells!!

With my first pregnancy, I suddenly developed a love for the smell of bleach – probably around 34 weeks. I’d stock pile it, use it every day to clean the toilet just to get my fix. 

This time around, the craving has been much stronger and started earlier (probably around 25 weeks) … I still adore the smell of bleach and have been using on my kitchen worktops as well as in the bathroom but the chemical-smell cravings have been much more varied and specific this time:

Bleach – I found a Tesco’s own bleach that’s ‘Ocean’ scent (and a bargain at 50p a bottle), it’s as though someone has mixed bleach with chlorine. Heaven! I currently have about 5 bottles stashed under the sink. 

Petrol – o.m.g! Cannot get enough (although realise it’s not the safest substance to be inhaling). I am actually looking forward to filling the car up (a task I usually put off as long as possible). 

White Spirit/ Turps – I read that rubbing white spirit over a stainless steel sink removes water spots and the first time I did it, I found myself using it to ‘clean’ the entire kitchen just to get the smell. I’m not sure about it’s cleaning properties (other than to remove paint from a brush) but I’m obsessed with the smell!

Fabric softener – specifically Lenor in Ocean. Smells powdery, clean and addictive to me. I emptied a spray bottle filled it with half fabric softener, half water. I’ve been using it like febreeze on all my soft furnishings. 

CIF acti-fiz – in, you guessed it, ‘ocean’. Actually turned out to be a brilliant kitchen cleaner too. My only complaint is that the smell doesn’t linger very long. Still, I enjoy using it at any given opportunity. 

Chlorine – I started taking Wilfred swimming just so I could get my fix! Bonus being, he loves swimming and it’s a bit of exercise for us too. Our local garden centre sells hot tubs and the smell of chlorine coming off them is wonderful. Must look like a right loon hanging my head over the side and inhaling the fumes off the water!

Flash with Febreeze – it’s an all purpose cleaner in ‘fresh cotton’, I recently found a concentrated gel version which is even better. Again, the smell of this doesn’t really linger but it makes cleaning more enjoyable!

I don’t think my house has ever been so clean! 

Those are the big cravings but I could add to the list … Shake and Vac, nail polish remover, nail polish, Milton sterilising tablets and wet paint. Took about a week post partum to forget my love of bleach last time. So I’m scrubbing the house while I’m feeling motivated in anticipation that the desire to do so will fade with the arrival of baby!

S x

Pregnancy update – 35 weeks (baby number 2)

It’s Saturday 6th February and I am 35 weeks pregnant, waiting impatiently for the arrival of baby number 2, who is due March 12th ’16. 

This pregnancy has been very different from my last … I had morning sickness on and off for the first 18 or so weeks! Which was less than ideal considering I’m a full time Mum to a toddler this time around. Holding his hand tightly, whilst throwing up in a public bathroom became common place for us. So glad that’s over!

As far as third trimester aches and pains go; last time, I had backache from about 30 weeks onwards. This time, I’ve felt pain more in my hips and pelvis which has pretty much banished me from the sofa and forced me onto the birthing ball. 

In my first pregnancy, I took a lot of daytime naps, I took things easy and made appetising fruit salads for snacks. This time, I scoff a piece of toast for breakfast while I feed my (very) nearly two year old, spend his nap time getting through the housework (which is never ending with a toddler around) and chase him around soft play centres during the week. In short, this pregnancy has been much less self-centred!

I’m experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions regularly (don’t remember having any last time). I’m generally more tired (because I never stop!). I’ve also gained less weight in this pregnancy … 11lbs at last count (not bad considering my last growth scan predicts baby alone is 6.5lbs!). Looks like we’re having another chunky monkey. 

All in all, I am looking forward to labour more than last time (I’m not great with the unknown), I’m hoping it will be quicker and easier (than the 88 hours (!!) I endured 2 years ago), but also, I can imagine holding my baby in my arms and that it will be worth any pain I go through to get to that point. I know I will go back to feeling ‘normal’. That I will return to being ‘me’ and not just a huge, pregnant woman for the rest of my life. And that’s reassuring. It makes it all a little more bearable. And a little more special, because I understand this wont last forever.

Bring on baby boy number 2. But in the meantime, I’m trying to enjoy baby kicks and being a mother of just one for a final month! 

S x



My favourite cleaning products 

There is a big trend for ‘green’ cleaning products now … If that’s what you’re looking for, this post is not for you … I like chemicals. I like strong scents and tough cleaners. These are my most used, tried and tested and well loved household cleaning products.

All purpose cleaners:

Flash with Febreeze (cotton fresh). This is my go-to kitchen cleaner. If I need to do the worksurfaces, appliances and metal sink … This will tackle everything I one fell swoop. I dump a cup full into a sink of hot water and use it for everything (including spot cleaning the laminate floor). It scents the whole room with fresh clean loveliness. 

The second offering is an Asda-own product. This thick all-purpose disinfectant is a little thicker and better for sticky residue (remember I have a toddler who’s forever making mess). I really like the old-school pine scent, too. 


Flash with bleach:

I have more bottles of this upstairs as I use it mainly in the bathroom. I use it all the time, it’s THE BEST product for getting toothpaste and soap marks off from the sink and mirror, it cleans scum from the shower and works wonderfully around the toilet and on tiles. I spray it, leave it to work for 5 minutes or so and then remove with toilet paper, which I can just flush away. Super fast, super effective. 


Windowlene (original cream) and White Spirit:

This is my window cleaning power combo. And my God, it smells heavenly. I use about one part white spirit to two parts windolene (it has to be the old school cream which is hard to get hold of! Wilko sell it online if you’re interested). It’s brilliant and cutting through grease and leaves a lingering smell of my childhood (a mixture of Mom cleaning the windows and Dad cleaning paintbrushes). 

CIF actifizz in ‘Ocean’:

This smells super clean and is so handy to have around because of the spray bottle. I use it for windowsills, on our stainless steel sink, door handles, to clean kitchen appliances and the highchair. Just everywhere. It’s regularly on offer, so I like to make sure I always have a few bottles in the house. It dries very quickly and streak-free. 


Fairy, original washing up liquid:

Always Fairy, always Original … Why mess with a classic? I use this to clean any dishes that won’t fit in the dishwasher (hate having dishes sitting on the side!) and also to clean the inside of our cupboards and drawers, plastic chopping boards and kids toys. Cuts through grime. Lasts forever. Smells like ‘clean’. Win win. 

Mr Sheen:

These multi-surface polishes are amazing. The have lots of different scents, I like them all. I use them on our wooden dining table, the wood panelling in our hallway as well as the TV, other electrical appliances and all of our free standing furniture. 


Finally, Bleach:

This Tesco offering comes in at a bargain 50p per bottle. The Ocean fragrance gives it a swimming-pool-y, chlorine-y edge – just delightful. I bung it down my toilet 3 times a day or so, deep clean the bathroom tiles and floors with it, use it in the kitchen for germ-busting and deep clean the bins with it. 

I do use other household cleaners not listed here, but these are my holy grail products. The ones I purchase time and time again. The ones that keep my home clean and me happy.