Pregnancy update – 35 weeks (baby number 2)

It’s Saturday 6th February and I am 35 weeks pregnant, waiting impatiently for the arrival of baby number 2, who is due March 12th ’16. 

This pregnancy has been very different from my last … I had morning sickness on and off for the first 18 or so weeks! Which was less than ideal considering I’m a full time Mum to a toddler this time around. Holding his hand tightly, whilst throwing up in a public bathroom became common place for us. So glad that’s over!

As far as third trimester aches and pains go; last time, I had backache from about 30 weeks onwards. This time, I’ve felt pain more in my hips and pelvis which has pretty much banished me from the sofa and forced me onto the birthing ball. 

In my first pregnancy, I took a lot of daytime naps, I took things easy and made appetising fruit salads for snacks. This time, I scoff a piece of toast for breakfast while I feed my (very) nearly two year old, spend his nap time getting through the housework (which is never ending with a toddler around) and chase him around soft play centres during the week. In short, this pregnancy has been much less self-centred!

I’m experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions regularly (don’t remember having any last time). I’m generally more tired (because I never stop!). I’ve also gained less weight in this pregnancy … 11lbs at last count (not bad considering my last growth scan predicts baby alone is 6.5lbs!). Looks like we’re having another chunky monkey. 

All in all, I am looking forward to labour more than last time (I’m not great with the unknown), I’m hoping it will be quicker and easier (than the 88 hours (!!) I endured 2 years ago), but also, I can imagine holding my baby in my arms and that it will be worth any pain I go through to get to that point. I know I will go back to feeling ‘normal’. That I will return to being ‘me’ and not just a huge, pregnant woman for the rest of my life. And that’s reassuring. It makes it all a little more bearable. And a little more special, because I understand this wont last forever.

Bring on baby boy number 2. But in the meantime, I’m trying to enjoy baby kicks and being a mother of just one for a final month! 

S x




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