Pregnancy cravings – smells!!

With my first pregnancy, I suddenly developed a love for the smell of bleach – probably around 34 weeks. I’d stock pile it, use it every day to clean the toilet just to get my fix. 

This time around, the craving has been much stronger and started earlier (probably around 25 weeks) … I still adore the smell of bleach and have been using on my kitchen worktops as well as in the bathroom but the chemical-smell cravings have been much more varied and specific this time:

Bleach – I found a Tesco’s own bleach that’s ‘Ocean’ scent (and a bargain at 50p a bottle), it’s as though someone has mixed bleach with chlorine. Heaven! I currently have about 5 bottles stashed under the sink. 

Petrol – o.m.g! Cannot get enough (although realise it’s not the safest substance to be inhaling). I am actually looking forward to filling the car up (a task I usually put off as long as possible). 

White Spirit/ Turps – I read that rubbing white spirit over a stainless steel sink removes water spots and the first time I did it, I found myself using it to ‘clean’ the entire kitchen just to get the smell. I’m not sure about it’s cleaning properties (other than to remove paint from a brush) but I’m obsessed with the smell!

Fabric softener – specifically Lenor in Ocean. Smells powdery, clean and addictive to me. I emptied a spray bottle filled it with half fabric softener, half water. I’ve been using it like febreeze on all my soft furnishings. 

CIF acti-fiz – in, you guessed it, ‘ocean’. Actually turned out to be a brilliant kitchen cleaner too. My only complaint is that the smell doesn’t linger very long. Still, I enjoy using it at any given opportunity. 

Chlorine – I started taking Wilfred swimming just so I could get my fix! Bonus being, he loves swimming and it’s a bit of exercise for us too. Our local garden centre sells hot tubs and the smell of chlorine coming off them is wonderful. Must look like a right loon hanging my head over the side and inhaling the fumes off the water!

Flash with Febreeze – it’s an all purpose cleaner in ‘fresh cotton’, I recently found a concentrated gel version which is even better. Again, the smell of this doesn’t really linger but it makes cleaning more enjoyable!

I don’t think my house has ever been so clean! 

Those are the big cravings but I could add to the list … Shake and Vac, nail polish remover, nail polish, Milton sterilising tablets and wet paint. Took about a week post partum to forget my love of bleach last time. So I’m scrubbing the house while I’m feeling motivated in anticipation that the desire to do so will fade with the arrival of baby!

S x


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