No naps in this house!

Today, I am 37 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I’m sat with the monitor listening to my 2 year old shout and sing in his bed. He’s been up there for half an hour and showing no signs of settling down! This has been going on for a week now. He just doesn’t want to nap during the day. 

Usually I’d blog about this sort of thing once I’d found a solution. But in my very pregnant state, I am so desperate for a break during the day that I wondered if anyone had any tips? I’ve already moved his bedtime back slightly and started waking him up earlier (by half an hour either side) in a bid to make him more tired during the day, but no luck yet!!

He’s always been very good at settling down in his bed. But as we move into spring, I have notice his room is much lighter (considering black out blinds and a de-clutter as he has toys in his room … I wonder if they’re distracting him? Although he doesn’t get out of bed to play). 

When new baby arrives (any day now!) I imagine I’ll treasure a few toddler free hours after lunch (if I can get them back). Send help/ideas, please. 

S x 



One thought on “No naps in this house!

  1. Hi! I would definitely get the blackout blinds or dark curtains, because his room does look pretty bright. And, I don’t know if you call it nap time with him, but you could try saying it’s quiet time or bedroom time. And, that means doing quiet activities like listening to soft music or reading. Sometimes, it will lead to sleep time😉 They’ll eventually stop napping, and if they get used to “bedroom/quiet time”, then you’ll still have some quiet time yourself as they get older. Hope some of this helps!

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