Catch up … March Baby!

Well, I didn’t give birth in February. So little one’s officially going to be a March baby. I am 38 weeks and 3 days today and still wondering how long baby is going to make me wait …? Kind of had it in my mind that this baby (being a second baby) might come sooner that Wilfred did (he was born at 40 weeks and 6 days), but now I’m resigning myself to ‘he’ll come when he’s ready’ and you can’t rush these things! 

I’ve been give an induction date in case I don’t go into labour naturally (22nd March), although THAT seems a long way off. I’m pretty uncomfortable at night now, I’m getting loads of Braxton Hicks which can be uncomfortable and struggling to keep pace with my two year old!!

I keep going back and forth re: the idea of a stretch and sweep at my next midwife appointment (Thursday). I found them so uncomfortable last time, but I also want to meet my baby now. Not sure. Think my decision will depend on how much sleep I’ve had the night before and whether or not my back’s aching on the day! Haha. 

Feel free to send some labour vibes my way! I’ll keep you updated. 

… In other news, I have restored a solid sleep cycle and afternoon nap for Wilfred … I’m limiting his night’s sleep to 10 and a half hours, which is giving me back a 2 hour afternoon nap! Which I am really appreciating. Feet up, cup of tea and taking life easy while I wait for this one to arrive. Life will never be this peaceful again!

S x





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