Two weeks old

Little update on Rupert, now that I’ve been discharged by midwifery team and he is two weeks (and two day) old …

I’ve been quite surprised about all the things I’d forgotten about newborns. I mean, I only had my first baby two years ago … But it seems like a distant memory. I’d completely forgotten that your nipples are sore and raw when you start breastfeeding! I had about 4 days of agony every time he latched. Not fun. Particularly when you’re already sleep deprived and hormonal! Lansinoh Lanolin cream has been a lifesaver, although it’s £10 a tube(!) it’s definitely worth it. 

The sleepless nights are different this time. First baby, you’re up all night … But try to nap when the baby does, during the day and take a lie in when they finally fall asleep at 8 in the morning. This time round, I have a two year old to entertain / spend some one on one time with whenever the baby is asleep! So if I don’t sleep at night, I don’t sleep at all. However, I am more convinced he won’t die if I fall asleep and don’t check him every time he goes quiet like I did the first time round. Haha. 

Post-partum wise, I have recovered so much faster. I still have my mummy-tummy pouch, but I actually weight less than before I fell pregnant. Two kids and a home to maintain will keep you on your feet all day. Not a bad thing!! I’m definitely more decisive with how things are going to work. Generally, the baby fits into the toddler’s routine. When he needs to feed, I have some jigsaws etc. that I put out to keep two year old entertained. It’s a work in progress to keep them both happy simultaneously, but we’re getting there!

My pregnancy ‘cravings’ of cleaning products (the smell, not taste!!) has not gone away. Which I’m pretty thrilled about. I was worried the house may descend into chaos once Rupert was born, but I’m just as motivated as before to clean the kitchen and smell the CIF. I’m now thinking it was maybe a strong beating instinct rather than a craving and I’d still like the home to be tidy and welcoming for guests and my family. Generally, I think with two children, you just can’t leave something until later. It will just build up!!

I’m thinking I might try potty training Wilfred when the weather improves with summer … The never ending nappies aren’t much fun and take up quite a bit of my day. Not to mention, the money we’d save if one of them was nappy-free. 

Richard is back at work and we’re all rubbing along ok. Generally, it’s all gone rather smoothly. Pleasantly surprised!

S x 



One thought on “Two weeks old

  1. Sometimes I’m already wondering how it will go with two kids. With just one baby you can indeed catch up some sleep when the baby is sleeping during the day but when you have another child running around you can’t do that anymore!
    So far I think it’s very easy to look after Oliver but will be completly different with hopefully a second baby one day! xx


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