Keeping me busy

The last time I wrote, Rupert was a mere two weeks old, Richard had just gone back to work after the quickest paternity leave ever and I was adjusting to life with two. 

Fast forward 4 weeks (yes, my baby boy will be 6 weeks tomorrow!!) and we are in a routine that could do with a little tweaking (couldn’t we all?) but on the whole is working for us. I have been up, showered and dressed every day and out of the house most days, so I consider that a win! I will post about my daily routine with two when I get time … But right now I am on the verge of sleep and Rupert is settled in my arms. 

So for now, I will leave you with some photos of the last month … Particularly loving watching Wilf and Rupert’s (or ‘Ruby’ as Wilfred refers to him) relationship blossom. Melts. My. Heart. 

S x



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