That moment …

On Friday I’d spent a good hour getting myself and both kids ready, changing bags packed, snacks prepared and children bundled into car seats, when I discovered the car would start. Wilfred announced “mummy’s stalled the car!” (where does he pick these things up?) … I’m trying to get the car to turn over, have now started arguing with my two year old (“I did not stall the car. It’s just broken”. “Mummy broke the car!” Etc.), Rupert starts crying while Wilf’s still chanting “bro-ken bro-ken bro-ken!” and I realise I desperately need a wee. 

Moments like this … when you have to decide what to tackle first, are probably the hardest part of ‘duel parenting’. 

My advice is to take a deep breath and treat the situation like a plane crash. Sort yourself out first. You are no use to your children if you are flustered, distracted or, in my case, desperate for the loo! 

… Next, decide (calmly) what is the most pressing matter and remind yourself that in 10 minutes’ time you’ll be sat inside with a cup of tea (waiting for the RAC). 

Motherhood is essentially a course in management, I’ve found. And as with anything, the longer you stick at it, the better you get. Every day is easier than the last and 10 weeks in I think we’ve really found our feet. Which is just as well as I no longer have wheels!



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