Summer is here!

I’m so pleased to announce that summer has finally descended on Birmingham 😊👍🏻 … We have been outside most days enjoying the fresh air and line-dried washing (such a Mum thing to say 🙈). 

This weekend, we had friends round all weekend and even managed to rope the blokes in to help build a sandpit for our boys (I say boys, but obviously, Rupert’s a bit young still. And I don’t think Wilfred would give him a look in, anyway! He is OBSESSED with it). 

So, even though the car is fixed now (hallelujah) we’ve still been sat on our bums a lot. Benefits of having a big garden – plenty of maintenance to keep hubby busy after work 😉 and enough room for Wilfred to run and stretch his legs during the day 😊. That being said, all I’ve really done is sit and drink prosecco in the sun 🤔 I probably need to get moving soon otherwise I’ll be a right hefalump by the time December rolls around (and I’m a bridesmaid for my sister in law on the 22nd!! 🙄). 

That’s all for now, lovelies. I seem to have missed a week blogging (was probably too busy sunbathing), it’s still a work in progress but I’m trying to write every Monday!! Trying!! 


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