Camping with the littles

At the weekend, we took the boys camping … Rupert’s first ‘holiday’. My Mom and Dad own a trailer tent (half caravan, half tent) which they leave up over the summer months on a lovely quiet campsite which boasts a playground featuring an old tractor, a mini golf course and a treasure hunt … Perfect for keeping toddlers busy and making them tired enough to sleep at night!

We’ve booked a few weekends away this year and this was our first stay. Let’s call it a practice run. The car was packed to the roof, Rupert had the biggest poo explosion I’ve ever had to deal with and a massive daddy long legs flew at my face in the toilet block, leaving me running for safety and leaving my toddler to deal with it alone! Oops. 

Having said that, it was a fantastic break. We were visited by my sister in law and her baby on the Saturday and my mother in law stayed a night with us. We had a BBQ. The rain stopped and the sun shone just in time to eat on a blanket outside. The dog that ran over only managed to eat two pieces of chocolate cake before we managed to restrain her 🙈. Wilfred absolutely loved spending the whole weekend outdoors. Rupert slept fantastically and managed not to wake the whole campsite. 

All in all. Very successful. Looking forward to the next one. 



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