Being a 20-something mum

I’m 29. Time to write this blog post quick before time ticks along and I turn the big 3-0!

I spent Saturday night out on the town celebrating with my sister-in-law at her hen do. I glammed up and drank copious amounts of Gin. I danced with friends and family, spoke about nothing in particular with total strangers and generally let my hair down. 

For the most part, I’m dressed in jeans and ‘mum jumpers’ and spend my days cleaning the house, frequenting coffee houses with friends and enduring soft play centres. It’s not a bad life! But it’s a mum life. Sometimes we forget that we were people before children. Granted, we were a few stone lighter, had flatter tummies and fresher skin … but it does us good to touch base with those (often forgotten) previous selves. 

A bit of red lipstick and a few cocktails reminded me that (although there is no place on Earth better than being sat with my babies) there are other places in the world that I fit into as well. Places where I am judged as an individual and not just on how well my boys are dressed, how well mannered they are and whether I’ve managed to leave the house without baby sick down my back! And that’s quite refreshing. 

S x


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