Being a full time mum

So, a week on and the car is still not fixed … fingers crossed, the part we need replacing is due to be delivered today!!

Because Wilfred isn’t enrolled in a nursery, I’m very aware that I need to offer him a varied week full of new experiences, socialisation, learning and fun. Usually, I have him up and out of the house by 9:30am. But lots of the groups we attend and friends we visit are a bit of a jaunt by car, let alone on foot!!  Being without the car, I was seriously panicking we’d both be going stir crazy with cabin fever. 

However, I am pleased to report that we have had a lovely week together. I’m not sure I could do it all the time, but having a week out to simplify things and spend time together has been really nice. We have had friends over for coffee and play dates … but for the most part, its been just us and a less scheduled and quite laid back week. We’ve taken some walks in the local area, spent lots of time in the garden and played indoors. We’ve definitely (both) used our imagination more coming up with games. 

Going forward (once I’m back on the road), I think I’ll try and schedule more down time in our week. Usually, if I’m at home, I’m cleaning, cooking, organising something … I’m rarely sat just ‘being’ with them and enjoying their company. 



I have a one year old!

Actually, I have a 14 month old. Wilfred’s Birthday came and went back in February and as usual, I’ve been so busy with being a mom that the blog has been somewhat neglected. I’m a big fan of trying to live in the ‘here and now’. I mean an entire year has flown past me in the blink of an eye …


Since Wilfred arrived, I have had my gallbladder removed (after countless trips to the doctor and finally A&E!). We got married in a beautiful, simple winter ceremony (we are planning the ‘reception’ party for June this year. Eek. Yes, I bought another dress). Richard started a new job and spent a week in Dubai which meant I was a solo parent for the first time. Wilfred has hit lots of important and adorable milestones as well as developing the most endearing personality and a gorgeous mop of hair. I have built some really lovely friendships with other moms and perfected my stay-at-home-mom routine. 

I have become a much more efficient version of my pre-baby self. Having a toddler hanging off your hip will do that for you. With that in mind, time to schedule some regular posts and put a bit of love into my blog! Let’s reconnect.